Navigating around Singapore

Navigating around Singapore

Singapore food reviews

Referred to as a tiny red dot around the world map, Singapore is a small island and a lot from it is available by land. Getting around just isn't difficult whatsoever, seeing as how most elements of the area are well-connected.

As a result of scarcity of land, there exists a need to restrict the amount of private cars on the highway and car costs are significantly higher in comparison to other countries with only 1 in 10 residents having a car. This equals high car hire costs as well. Therefore, tourist rarely rent cars and the most widely used form of travel is via Taxis. There are heaps of different taxi companies in Singapore who together released 25,000 taxis on the road and taxi fares in Singapore are ironically relatively cheaper in comparison to many other western world.

If you would like to try out Singapore's well developed public transport, observe that Singapore makes use of "EZ-link cards" for your 2 forms of transport have, "MRT" and Buses. EZ-link cards are available at all MRT stations and bus interchanges and allow you store your credit, and all sorts of you have to do is tap your card to cover. However, in case you are only creating a one-time off trip, it might be more practical to get an individual trip card (for MRT) or pay cash (for buses) instead. Make absolutely certain you've coins for Buses as they don't accept dollar notes or provide change.

Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)

Most parts of the island are accessible via the Mass Rapid Transit, referred to as MRT. Travelling on the MRT is both convenient and cheap, and there’s an MRT station at nearly every area of the island. A typical journey from Boon Lay MRT to Pasir Ris MRT shouldn't cost you greater than $2.00. Additionally, there are sufficient signs and maps around MRT stations that will help you around so that you don’t lose your way, and really should you require any more assistance, there are also customer care counters in places you may seek help. Singapore’s MRT network currently includes the North-South Line (represented by red colour), East-West Line (represented by green colour), North-East Line (represented by purple colour) as well as the Circle Line (represented by orange colour). There's also Light Rapid Transit (LRT) stations to make certain areas of the heartlands in the deeper elements of Singapore more accessible to commuters, however, if you're tourist you'll likely will never be using LRTs.


Bus services can also be found island-wide, but research should be done beforehand if you’re likely to travel around by bus as it may be an easy task to go missing you are unfamiliar with the roads in Singapore.


If it's too much of a headache to take trains and buses, there’s always the choice to consider a taxi, although some locals dislike the idea of this for your fact that it's a costly mode of transport.

Singapore food reviews

Some pointers while taking taxis in Singapore:

Always be certain the meter is on and running the minute you obtain on the cab. In Singapore it's illegal for taxi drivers to charge a typical fare; taxi fares must be charged by way of a meter and also the flag down rate generally ranges from $3.00 to $5.00, with regards to the kind of taxi. Though laws are now stricter regarding illegal touts in Singapore, taxi touts remain so it's vital that you realize that meters will almost always be running when in taxis. Taxi touts usually target foreigners or tourists since they are aware that tourists is probably not as knowledgeable about the Singapore system. Many of the rampant at Singapore Changi Airport.


Singapore food reviews


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